Happy one year anniversary Tara & Kelly

One year ago today Tara and Kelly got married. It was a great wedding with family and close friends.

I said that I would keep my Mother of the bride corsage for one year and then throw it out. So I did that this morning. Every time for the last year when I opened the fridge I saw the corsage and it reminded me of how happy I was to see Tara and Kelly get married.


Here’s the corsage on TnK’s wedding day.




Here’s what it looked like one year later.


P8010010 (581x800)


The traditional one year anniversary gift is paper so I thought that a photo collage was an appropriate gift for TnK.


P8010002 (800x600)

Mother of the Bride

A women that I worked with wanted me to go with her a couple of weeks ago to a bridal shop when she went to pick up her wedding dress so I could look at the Mother of the Bride dresses they had. I had visions of puffy, pastel cocktail like dresses that I would never wear again. Then in an email yesterday a friend asked me what I was going to wear to Tara and Kelly’s wedding.

I just spent some time searching for plus size mother of the bride outfits and some of the stuff I saw was downright scary. I am so not going to wear anything like this especially since it is an outdoor more casual wedding. Tara and Kelly are not going to have attendants and as I posted before their girls (dog) are walking Tara down the aisle.

These are plus size models and are they old enough to be mother’s of a bride? I don’t think so!

Why would they use photo to try to sell this dress? She looks disgusted with what she sees in the mirror.

I have pants like these that I will probably wear either with the satiny shell with a lacy blouse to go with it or look for a shimmerier blouse. That is on my agenda for today. I asked Tara her opinion yesterday and she said that would be fine.

Yesterday I looked online at wedding cakes made by a wedding cake lady who lives just a few miles from where the wedding will be. Tara said she doesn’t want some multi layered foo foo cake so I will show her the website later today so she can get an idea of what she wants me to order.

5 weeks to the big day! I have to make sure that I have some waterproof mascara to wear that day and lots of kleenix.

Countdown to my daughter Tara’s wedding. Part 2

Originally there were going to be between 75 – 100 guests at the wedding in St. Helens. Tara and Kelly have scaled this down to 50. About 30 of the guests are family. Tara’s dilemma was that if she invited any one from her office to the wedding she felt she had to invite everyone.

TnK’s wedding is going to be a casual outdoor affair. It is not going to be a traditional wedding in the sense that they will not have any attendants. Tara couldn’t choose between her two best friends and her cousin who has always been like a sister to her. Kelly doesn’t really have any close male friends so they opted not to have a bride’s maid and best man. One of Tara’s best friends got ordained so she could perform the wedding ceremony. That was Kim’s awesome way of making herself an important part of the day. The other best friend Cindy will be doing Tara’s hair and makeup and the formal toast. Cousin Erika will be helping decorate, getting the flowers and making the invitations.

The reception catering will be done by Buster’s a local barbeque restaurant since Tara told Kelly they were not having what he wanted which is wiener wraps. I told Tara it is better not to ask the man “what kind of food do you want at the reception?” Last Saturday Tara and Erika went to the rental place to check out their tables, chairs, dishes, etc. I offered to pay because I could tell that Tara was thinking about the expense and wasn’t sure if she could do it that day. Then the three of us went back and I paid for everything.

The last untraditional part of the wedding I should mention is the “girlz” who will be walking Tara down the aisle.Here is Tara with one of them. Tara wants them to wear tutus but Kelly says “NO!” So they may at least have some kind of bow or flowers around their necks.

Tara and Emmie her favorite of the two girlz.

TnK at Jax on Isla Mujeres a few years ago.

Countdown to my daughter Tara’s wedding. Part 1

Tara and Kelly (TnK) have been talking about getting married and having babies about as long as they have been together which is 5 ½. Last January they moved in to the home they bought and are loving it.

Around the beginning of October 2007 they finally picked a wedding date. Or actually their friend did by asking them what their favorite numbers between 1 and 30 were. They agreed to a wedding date of Friday June 13th. With the wedding planned to be in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel. TnK thought Friday the 13th would be good day for a Vegas wedding. Tara was under quite a bit of stress at work as she was responsible for her entire departments cutover to a new computer system. She delayed making any plans until the first part of December once the cutover had been completed. Tara called the Flamingo, made reservations and made a deposit for the ceremony.

On December 28th Tara had a cardiac arrest and spent 5 days in the university hospital’s cardiac ICU (an excellent hospital). A couple of months later Tara was so stressed by returning to work and planning a wedding that she canceled the Vegas plans. She lost her deposit but got back her piece of mind. Now the plan was changed to have the wedding in my sister’s and mother’s backyard in St. Helens, OR. Around that same time TnK decided to move the wedding to August 2nd to give her more time to plan. Also the chances of the weather for an outdoor wedding would be better in August than June.

My sister and mother’s backyard.