More of my mother’s beautiful flowers

Tara and I went to St Helens to visit mom yesterday. Mom is doing remarkable well for someone who was in critical condition last Wednesday. You would never know that she had two surgeries other than the long line of stitches down her neck. She was sitting in a chair out in the yard this morning watering her plants. We actually had to order her to go in to the house and take a nap when Tara and I were leaving. It was HOT and she looked pooped.

 She walked Tara around to show her some of her flowers and her corn. Then I walked around the backyard and took some more photos of her fabulous flowers.


A couple of weeks ago when I took photos of my mother’s flowers I noticed that the majority of  them were pink, lavender or purple. Today I saw that she did have some other variety of colors.

When I asked my sister what I could buy my mother  to put in the handowoven basket that I bougth her at the Farmers Marker for her birthday she said to buy some perranials. I decided she needed some other colors in her yard.

Mom says this peonie bush is 100 years old. Well not quite. But it was in her yard in Milwaukie for many years before she transplanted it to my sister’s yard in Bend some 7 years ago. Then again transplanted it to their yard in St Helens two years ago.


Here are some close ups







Not truly flowers but interesting anyway















A “topsy turvy” upside down tomato plant


My mother’s flowers

I have written before about my mother and her green thumb. My mother loves to garden whether it is flowers or veggies. She lives with my sister in St Helens, OR. They have a beautiful yard. It is where my daughter Tara and Kelly got married last August.

My mother will be 80 next month and has some real health issues. She doesn’t get around as well as she did even a few years ago but nothing stops her from gardening. Sometimes she even complains about how much work it is to take care of her plants. But she is the one who faithfully waters them and babies them to grow strong and healthy. While my sister is the one who does the lawn work, mowing, watering, edging and stuff.

I was at their house Sunday for my great niece’s 12th birthday party and walked around the yard with my mother taking these photos. Sure she told me what they all were but I am not a gardener and have no clue what most of these flowers are called. I recognize Gerber Daisies, Pansies and Tulips but not much else. I do think that the flowers are all beautiful though.


A pretty funny sort of blog site “Postcards from yo mama”

While Googling “nose piercing”  (Nose piercing will be a whole other blog post) today I came a upon this pretty funny sort of blog website. I made sure to send the URL to my daughter so she would realize I was not so bad compared to some of these stories.


yo-mama1About Postcards From Yo Momma

It all started so innocently: a Gchat conversation in which we were discussing the emails our moms send us. “I’m sending you a hilarious email my mom just sent,” typed Jessica, “because I think you will like it.” “Ooh yay,” Doree wrote back. “I love hilarious mom emails.” After we shared a good laugh over the content of that email (which, to protect what little privacy Jessica’s mom has left, we shall keep forever secret), Doree sent Jessica an email from her mom (whose contents shall, alas, also remain a mystery). “The other thing you need to know,” Doree wrote, “is she’s told me this story FIVE HUNDRED TIMES.” “That makes it better!” Jessica responded. “My mom always tells me the same stories too.”

Check it out. It is a pretty funny read!

It is a beautiful sunny summer day in Portland,Oregon

To all of you who have suffered from the rain and floods I apologize if this sounds like gloating but WHOO HOO it is a beautiful sunny summer day in Oregon. It is 6:00 PM and 89 degrees with a bit of a breeze. More of the same is forecasted for the weekend.
Today is my Mother’s 79th birthday. Tomorrow my sister in ST. Helens is having family and friends over for a birthday barbeque and party. My sister’s backyard is a great place for entertaining. Her yard is well landscaped and has a creek running behind the house. This is the same sister and yard where my daughter Tara and her fiance Kelly will be getting married August 2nd.

Ha! The joke is on you this weekend Mr. Smarty Pants Caveman!

A Mother’s job is tough but rewarding

As I was cleaning up my computer yesterday and getting rid of duplicate photos that I no longer needed I came across the folder of the photos I called “for Tara”.
Earlier this year when I was trying to help my daughter Tara with her recovery from a near death experience (cardiac arrest) I thought it would be helpful for her to have some activity that she could do that didn’t require much concentration. Cardiac Arrest causes lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in memory loss so she needed some activity that didn’t require a lot of concentration. I had gone through all of my online photos, scanned and uploaded and found about 100 that I used to make a PhotoShow. I then had these photos printed for Tara and purchased several scrap books for her. Tara asked me how I got my baby photos to look like they did. Hello, this is the way photos looked in the 50’s.
So for me to review this PhotoShow again brings back the memories from Tara’s recovery but also some really good memories about how Tara and I have evolved from mother and daughter to being really close friends. I have always said the being a mother is a tough job but if you and your children are friends you have been successful at parenting.

This photo must be from about 1977

My 50th birthday party three years ago

Photos of Tara and me about the same age but 20 years apart.