A good news story about a nice guy

The founder and owner of Bob’s Red Mill celebrated his 81st birthday February 16th. However, it was Bob who gave a birthday gift his company’s employees will always remember.

Bob gave them his business!

Bob and his wife moved to the Portland area in 1978 when he retired. But rather than retire Bob founded Bob’s Red Mill. Now 32 years later rather than sell the company he gave it to his employees. This is not a small time operation. In 2004 the company was estimated to be worth $24 million and has had very strong growth every year since.

I mentioned to my hairdresser this morning that I was going to eat lunch at Bob’s. She told me her cousin has worked for Bob’s since it was just a small company and he is still in shock over the gift Bob gave him and the other 200+ employees.

Everyday in the newspaper, on TV and radio news we hear all of the bad things that happen in the world. So to me this story stuck out as a good news, nice guy story.

There are more photos that I took back in June on another post about Breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill.