Portland area mystery solved

I finally found some information about the abandoned building off Hwy 30 in Linnton. I have been interested in the history of this building every time I drive by it on the way out to ST Helens.  Some say that it was a train station which never made sense as it is only a few miles from Portland’s Union Station in NW Portland.

I Googled “abandon building highway 30” and found some photos on Flikr with comments and speculation as to what the building used to be. Again a train station was mentioned. I found one photo that the owner actually knew the history of the building.

The building was a gas manufacturing plant built and operated by Portland Gas and Coke from 1912 to 1957.The building has sat there abandoned all these years. The property is fenced off and has a guard on duty. No one can get inside of the fence because of the hazardous material that was manufactured and stored there.

There is a good write up in the Portland Tribune still online from 2007 about this building.

This is a cool site, Lehman Brothers Collection where you can choose a company and read about its history.

1882: Portland Gas Light Co. builds a second and separate plant.
1892: Charles F. Adams, A.L. Mills, and other businessmen buy the company and change the company’s name to Portland Gas Co.
1910: The company incorporates as Portland Gas & Coke Co.
1913: Portland Gas & Coke Co. builds its third and last manufacturing plant in Linnton, making gas from oil, not coal.
1956: Natural gas arrives from the southwest.
1957: Portland Gas & Coke closes its manufactured gas plant and changes its name to Northwest Natural Gas Co.