Another visit to the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market

I just love all of the colors of the Farmer’s Market!

Great selection of fresh flower bouquets

Great selection of fresh flower bouquets

I made a quick walk through the Milwaukie Farmer’s  Market on Sunday. I bought some strawberries, olive cream cheese, little cukes and tomatoes. It was a chilly 59 degrees so I did not linger like I usually do.

I observed a couple of things today.

  1. There is a new sign “No Pets Allowed”. I am not an animal hater but I always thought that it was not really the best place to bring dogs. There are food booths and all of the fresh fruits and veggies. I don’t want to be picking up some cukes or tomatoes that were touched prior by a person who just picked up their dog’s poop. Eeww!
  2. Almost all of the shoppers are carrying their recylecled bag, grocery store tote or a basket. Enviromentally respectful people shop at the farmer’s market.






 These strawberries were great for breakfast Monday.


So much  better than a melon from the grocery store. FRESH!


Colorful peppers


I didn’t need any zucchini but wished that I had bought a couple of eggplants. Oh, well there is always next Sunday.


Cute little cheesecakes. Good thing I had just eaten breakfast before going to the market.