Photo Friday Challenge – Spot

The “Crayola House” on Isla Mujeres, MX

Spring is yellow

Things that make me go “hmm…”

Seen in my neighbor’s yard

My next door neighbor’s yard is full of bright, colorful flowers. I went over and took a few photos the other day when they were not home.





Looking at the neighbor’s yard from my driveway.




Miscellaneous photos of flowers and plants taken Saturday

These flowers are in a flower bed along Main Street downtown Milwaukie.




This grass is about 4 feet tall, divides a restaurant’s parking lot from Hwy 99 S.


Kind of a wild overgrown garden along the parking lot at The Portland Waldorf School downtown Milwaukie.



Along the edge of the the parking lot separating the lot from the street.



I have no idea what these bushes are but they run the length of the parking lot intermingled with the above flower bushes and a couple of other varieties.




I think that this grass is really pretty.



A couple of Tara’s potted plants