More of my mother’s beautiful flowers

Tara and I went to St Helens to visit mom yesterday. Mom is doing remarkable well for someone who was in critical condition last Wednesday. You would never know that she had two surgeries other than the long line of stitches down her neck. She was sitting in a chair out in the yard this morning watering her plants. We actually had to order her to go in to the house and take a nap when Tara and I were leaving. It was HOT and she looked pooped.

 She walked Tara around to show her some of her flowers and her corn. Then I walked around the backyard and took some more photos of her fabulous flowers.


A couple of weeks ago when I took photos of my mother’s flowers I noticed that the majority of  them were pink, lavender or purple. Today I saw that she did have some other variety of colors.

When I asked my sister what I could buy my mother  to put in the handowoven basket that I bougth her at the Farmers Marker for her birthday she said to buy some perranials. I decided she needed some other colors in her yard.

Mom says this peonie bush is 100 years old. Well not quite. But it was in her yard in Milwaukie for many years before she transplanted it to my sister’s yard in Bend some 7 years ago. Then again transplanted it to their yard in St Helens two years ago.


Here are some close ups







Not truly flowers but interesting anyway















A “topsy turvy” upside down tomato plant


I am going to keep trying this macro thing until I hurt myself











My home when I am on Isla (lots of photos)

I was thinking the other day about the time a man in my office asked me for the umpteenth time why I go to Isla and what I do when I am there. Then he asked me about the “resort” I stayed at. Ha! I said “I don’t stay at a resort. I stay at a small hotel/apartments” He then asked me if the hotel had room service. My response once I stopped laughing was “the rooms do not even have freaking phones. So I showed him the website for the place I stay.

The courtyard garden area is lovingly maintained by Nivardo, the owner. He is out there every morning and sometimes all day long babying his plants. He uses a broom to shake the dead leaves out of the trees and is constantly watering, fertilizing or repotting the smaller plants. My daughter said it wasn’t fair that Nivardo has so many plants outdoors that she has a hard time keeping alive indoors. Before Tara and Kelly moved to their house Tara at one time had over 100 potted plants in their tiny apartment.

Here are some of the photos of Nivardo’s plants I have taken over many stays at his place.













One of the seven rooms I have stayed in. I was packing to leave that is why there is crap spread out all over the place.





The owners enjoying their usual Saturday night entertainment. I took some better photos of them with their faces showing but I won’t post them here. I did print two of them (5×7) and gave them to Nivardo the next time I saw him. He was delighted! As far as I know they are still hanging on the wall in his office.


Where I live part 2 – The colors in my yard

Often time’s people do not believe me when I say that I live in Milwaukie,Oregon. They have only heard of the much larger city of Milwaukee, WI. I usually just say that I live in Portland.
Milwaukie is a city in Clackamas County, Oregon. The population was 20,490 at the 2000 census. The 2006 estimate is 20,835 residents. Founded in 1848 on the banks of the Willamette River, the city, known as the Dogwood City of the West, was incorporated in 1903 and is noted as the birthplace of the Bing cherry. It is more recently known as the home of Dark Horse Comics. The city is the first suburb SE of Portland.It is an easy 8 mile commute from my home to my office downtown Portland.
I am not a gardener nor do I even have a slightly green thumb so the plants in my yard need to be hardy and in need of little care. My sister and mother are the gardeners in the family. My daughter Tara has a green thumb as well and her small home is filled with plants. At one time in Tara’s tiny apartment where she previously lived she had over 100 potted plants.