Placas Mexicanas

I love all of the beautifully colored plates and bowls displayed on Hidalgo on Isla Mujeres. However they wouldn’t necessarily fit in with my kitchen décor. About 8 years ago when Tara and I were in Playa del Carmen I found a serving bowl in shop on the north end of 5th Avenue. I wanted to buy another smaller bowl with the same colors. The owner of the shop said “no problemo, come with me”. He practically ran all the way down to the far south end of 5th Avenue near the ferry stand to the other shop he owned. I was a few weeks away from having knee surgery so I made Tara run after him so we wouldn’t lose him. He sold the two bowls to me for a real bargain price. They are very pretty blue and white bowls that look really nice with my cobalt blue Fiesta Ware and my Mexican glasses.

These plates are all from just one shop’s display on Hidalgo next to Suites Los Arcos

Playa del Carmen March 2000

My next trip to Mexico was in March 2000. I took my daughter Tara with me to Playa del Carmen. On the flight to Cancun I told Tara that I bought a couple of air mattresses to float in the water. She asked why we couldn’t use them in the pool. I told her that the hotel we were going to stay at had no pool. She couldn’t believe that I booked a hotel with no pool. I told her to just wait and see how wonderful and calm the water was and that we didn’t need a pool. I also told her she could go topless if she wanted to since a lot of women did.
We stayed at Pelicanos Inn on Calle 8 which was a great location right on the beach. The room rate included a breakfast buffet.
The 2nd day on the beach Tara said that she hadn’t seen any topless women. Later that day she saw a women who was topless who actually walked into the indoor restaurant. Tara thought that was pretty odd.
We had a great stay in PDC. We spent a full day at Xcaret including the night show. The night show alone was worth the admission price.
I didn’t take a camera and only had a few copies of photos that Tara took but don’t have them scanned to my computer. There photos are courtesy of a Google image search.

This was the same view we had from our 2nd floor room

Xcaret Mayan ball court

This night show featured dancers representing all states of Mexico in their local dress and dances

My First Trip to the Yucatan – Playa del Carmen October 1993 Part 2

I took the bus from el centro Cancun to Playa. This was not the 1st class bus you would ride today. The bus was pretty old and rustic. There was myself, a young Canadian couple and everyone else was locals. There really was a woman with a chicken on the bus.I arrive in PDC hot and tired from the bumpy road. The so called highway was still just two skinny lanes with topes at every village.Arriving in Playa del Carmen- Avenida Juarez
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This was how 5th Avenue looked in 1993.
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I walked to the Albatros Royale on Calle 8. I tried to check in and was told “no reservations”. What the heck? I show him my information from the travel agency. The man walked me over to the Albatros which used to be where the Pelicano is now. (Ironically that is the hotel my daughter and I stayed at in April 2000).The rooms were individual cabañas that were geared for backpackers and were absolutely tiny.
I get unpacked and go to the office to put my valuables in the safe deposit box on the way to the beach. Now I am told I can’t stay there either because “no reservations”. Here we go again! I am about ready to cry. The young man waits for me to pack up and takes me back to the Albatros Royal where I now have reservations. Finally a room. I hesitantly unpacked for the 2nd time that afternoon. All turns out good here. The hotel if still pretty basic but was new, very clean and right on the beach.
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I had a very pleasant 8 night stay in PDC. It was low season and most of the travelers were German. I rarely heard English spoken except haltingly by waiters and shop employees. I remember there was a wicked thunder and lightening storm that knocked out the electricity of the entire town for almost a full day. There were no generators running to keep the few restaurants open. I did go out in the pouring rain and found one restaurant open that had lit candles and was cooking on a big grill. The next day I started to buy a bag of ice everyday to keep some snacks and cerveza cold in my bathroom sink incase the power went out again.
One afternoon I was sitting at a table on 5th Avenue when these two very drunk guys asked me if they could join me. I recognized one of them right away. It was Billy Idol and a friend on holiday. We sat and chatted for a couple of hours or I should say Billy did all the talking.
I took the bus to the ruins at Tulum. They sure looked different then they did when I went back there in 1996. I wonder what they look like to day. I mean the facilities not the ruins themselves. There were only a couple of shops set up under awnings and a very iffy bano.
The road I walked down to get to the ruins.
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The entrance to the ruins
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This view wouldn’t change
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Nothing else memorial happened in PDC. I just remember how much I enjoyed the beach and the good food. I was a bit lonely with no English speaking travelers to talk but I sure got a lot of reading done. There were no pay phones, no ATMs and no internet cafes and only one bank on Avenida Juarez coming into town.
The photos aren’t that great because the camera I had at the time decided to quit working. With the short time before I had until my trip I didn’t want to rush out and buy just any camera so I bought a couple of disposables. I also thought that it would be better not to take a brand new camera since I was traveling alone and would be leaving my stuff unattended on the beach when I went in to the water. As it turns out it would not have been a problem.
Next installment: My first visit to Isla Mujeres