Book Review, Eat Pray Love

I do not usually write a book review before I am through reading the book but I have to on this one. I am reading Eat, Pray , Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Once I start a book I read it to the end no matter how much I may dislike it. I have over 1/3rd to finish yet of this book. I am hoping to finish it this weekend.

This memoir got great reviews. At this point I am not sure why.

So far the Eat story was good. She was in Rome and traveled around Italy. Lots of good food descriptions and sites she visited. I am having a tough time getting through the Pray part where she is at an ashram in remote India. She is a real whiner in my opinion. She is having a hard time with the meditation. Get over yourself is what I keep thinking.
If I had read this blog before I bought the book I would have never bought it. I am hoping that the Love part gets better when she is in Bali.