What’s the rainiest city in the United States?

The clock’s ticking. The spotlight’s getting hotter. What’s your guess?

Chances are you just lost one billion dollars. Seattle? Wrong. Portland? Not even close. The rainiest city in the United States is Mobile.

Seattle’s ranking? Number 41. Portland? 42.

In a study on the top 10 rainiest cities in the United States released by San Francisco-based WeatherBill, Inc., Mobile averages more than five feet of rainfall annually. Portland gets about three feet. Cities in the Southeast dominate the list until the Northwest makes its début at number 24 with Olympia. The capital city of The Evergreen State maintains its rainy day reputation by being the city with the most rainy days annually (63 days) but the Northwest’s rainy day pride doesn’t last long: Mobile comes in second on the most rainy days list with 59 days.

But I have to say after 25 days of rain in April and the last 20 days with measurable rainfall I think Portland and Seattle may have moved up on the list a few points. This morning the sun is out and the sky is blue. Time to celebrate!

Oregon – Where I live, the weather

This is the weather forecast for the next couple of days.

For the past couple of weeks or so the weather has been a bit unusual for the part of Oregon I live in. Most days have been in the high 90s and a few over 100 degrees. This weekend my Weather Bug program showed it to be 102 on Saturday and 104 on Sunday. I would get up in the middle of the night a few times to check the temperature to see if it was cool enough to open up some windows. Most nights/morning it was not cool enough until somewhere around 6:00 AM. Yesterday morning at 7:30 AM it was 74 degrees with 74% humidity. It is not often that the humidity is that high.My AC was running all day on Sunday. This morning around 3:00 AM I thought that I heard rain and I definitely did hear thunder. The rain came down hard for awhile and the thunder and lightning lasted until about 10:00 AM. Right now though it may only be 68 degrees it is 77% humidity.
Yesterday evening on the 6:30 PM local news they reported on the record number of people visiting the Oregon coast. On a normal weekend during the summer the drive from Portland to the coast can take up to 2 hours or more. Sunday they reported it was about a 3 – 4 hour drive depending on which route was taken.
Tara told me that a co-worker of hers just got back from Alabama and said that despite the HIGH humidity she loved the hot weather. You can have it is what I say!

There has been a record number of days this summer around 100 degrees or over. For an Oregonian to say this you know it has to be bad but we really needed the rain. There was a little rain the day before Tara and Kelly’s wedding but not enough to impact the high fire danger.

Portland, the city of roses or in my case the house of one rose

Just like the last rose that bloomed on my one rose bush I waited too long to take a photo. Portland is known as the City of Roses. My yard is known by me as the house with one rose.

Portland has its annual event the Rose Festival that takes place in June and has events running through this weekend with the air show. What many people do not realize is that Portland although it does have a lot of rain does not have more than the City of Seattle. We get the bad rap though. The rain in Portland does contribute toward the great roses, rhododendrons and overall greenery of the area.

So one of my main concerns about where to retire to for at least part of the year is where can I live where there is limited rainfall yet an abundance of greenery and plants. Oh and having a beach near by is a big plus for me. My research over the next two years will help me decide where that ideal place is.

This post is as a result of a friend in NYC recently asking me where other than Oregon I would live in the USA.

STORM WATCH! Sanibel Island. Oh wait I am not on TV

Earlier this afternoon my tough decision was whether or not to go to the restaurant I want to for dinner and walk around old town. I really want to get there to take photos of the marina and the McMansions as well as the historic old town Sanibel. The sky looks pretty ugly especially over that way. Like a good Oregonian I do have an umbrella in my suitcase. Oh, forget it an umbrella won’t do any good in this wind! Oh, oh I think my lights just blinked. I did take a taxi twice to the grocery store so I wouldn’t have to eat all meals out. I guess I will just make myself a turkey and cheese sandwich, pour a glass of wine and eat an apple for dessert. It is only 5:00 so I think I will wait an hour to see what the weather is like.
Sunday evening a few hours after I got here there was a big storm and a tornado touched down in Ft. Myers. Monday around the same time it got real windy, thundered then a couple hours later the sun was out. Wednesady morning it was cloudy and humid then it cleared up for a beautiful afternoon.
Oh shit that lightning strike looked a bit too close for me and the thunder sounded like it was right over my head. The lights went out for more than just a quick blink.

About 30 minutes later the storm continues.

I guess I will just hunker down (what is the origin of hunker down?) for the evening and crack open a bottle of wine.
The storm lasted for several more hours. I swear for some time the thunder was directly over my head. My room shook. It scared the crap out of me!