Seashells by the seashore

For someone who is not a “collector” I have a lot of seashells. I came across a bag of shells yesterday from my trip to Sanibel Island last June.They were still in the grocery bag that I packed them in. I have a collection of shells at my office which I have separated in piles by where they came from. So there is a pile of shells from the Atlantic, the Gulf, the Pacific.

Sanibel is supposed to be this fabulous place for shelling but I only found pretty ordinary ho hum shells. Top row – Sanibel. The bottom row are shells from Siesta Key, FL from a few years ago.


I have shells in a jar and surrounding a candle in a dish.




I think that I have so many shells because I love how they are all so different and unique depending on the water current and age of the shell.