Photo Friday – People

Revolution Day parade



Dancing in the zocola




What has become a monthly post – Milwaukie Farmer’s Market 9-6-09

Fall was definitely in the air Sunday when I went to the market. It was windy and cool. Still I wandered around and took more photos of the offerings at the market.I got home just before the rain came.  

I just can’t help put take more photos of the beautiful flowers at this vendor’s tent. She has the best variety of the entire market.






 You can’t really tell from the below photo but that flower must have been 6 inches across. It was windy and I had a hard time getting a decent shot of it.



I think this is a pretty flower. There were several colors but I liked this one the best.



I love fresh picked tomatoes. Yum!



This fennel smelled really good.



The blueberries were tasty  mixed in with yogurt for a few breakfasts.



Need a gourd? There were several storage containers full of them.




The next two photos are why I eat breakfast prior to going to the market.


 This booth has some nice plants.



Another visit to the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market

I just love all of the colors of the Farmer’s Market!

Great selection of fresh flower bouquets

Great selection of fresh flower bouquets

I made a quick walk through the Milwaukie Farmer’s  Market on Sunday. I bought some strawberries, olive cream cheese, little cukes and tomatoes. It was a chilly 59 degrees so I did not linger like I usually do.

I observed a couple of things today.

  1. There is a new sign “No Pets Allowed”. I am not an animal hater but I always thought that it was not really the best place to bring dogs. There are food booths and all of the fresh fruits and veggies. I don’t want to be picking up some cukes or tomatoes that were touched prior by a person who just picked up their dog’s poop. Eeww!
  2. Almost all of the shoppers are carrying their recylecled bag, grocery store tote or a basket. Enviromentally respectful people shop at the farmer’s market.






 These strawberries were great for breakfast Monday.


So much  better than a melon from the grocery store. FRESH!


Colorful peppers


I didn’t need any zucchini but wished that I had bought a couple of eggplants. Oh, well there is always next Sunday.


Cute little cheesecakes. Good thing I had just eaten breakfast before going to the market.


Sunflowers ~ bringing a little sunshine in my life

Trader Joe’s has a good variety of flowers to choose from. I have to buy ones that really have little to no scent.  I think these yellow sunflowers are as pretty as the red ones I bought last weekend.

Kauai July 2009 – Heading to the North Shore

As Willie K sings North Shore Reggae Blues –
Under the Mango Tree, waiting for the sunrise, headed for the North Shore
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

My body’s aching for a freedom ride, My brothers calling me to join them

The party’s jamming on the other side, over on the North Shore

The Myna Birds are leading all the way, they’re telling me how to get there

I’m concentrating on my early drive, driving to the North Shore

Under the Mango Tree, waiting for the sunrise, headed for the North Shore

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

I hear the surf calling me, singing a new song, headed for the North Shore

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

I wipe my hair away from my eyes, I like to feel the wind on my face

The salty air begins to make me breath, down in the North Shore

I lay my mistress on the surface swell, and as I move she starts to mile at me

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Let it ride much higher and higher

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Take me now Im your’s take me

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Look at me Im higher than a mountain”

There is something about the north shore of Kauai that makes me feel like I have come home again everytime I visit there. Years ago when I thought seriously about moving to Kauai I would have been perfectly happy settling in Hanalei on the north shore. Oahau has its Haleiwa and Maui has Paia. These three cities have a lot in common. They are surfer towns and laid back hippieish, new age feeling places with a strong sense of community and ohana (family).

And of course now there is all of the controversy about the meaning of the song “Puff the Magic Dragon”.   Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea, And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee”. When Tara was little I used to sing this song to her everytime we went to Hanalei. That was every year until from age 9 – 16 and at least 3 or 4 times a trip. She hated me singing the song especially as she got to be a teenager. At dinner one night Kelly brought up the drug reference and Tara said “Nu Huh! You used to sing this song to me all the time when I was little.”

Tara and Kelly drove beyond Hanalei to the end of the road. The plan was for Tara to take Kelly to a couple of her favorite places, Lumahai Beach and the Blue Room. However it was so busy that Sunday that there was nowhere to park. So they came back to Hanalei Bay where they had dropped me off a couple of hours earlier.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse

During the winter months Kilauea is a good place to spot whales who have migrated south for the winter.

First stop on the way to Hanalei

First stop on the way to Hanalei

Kalihiwai Bay – summer months it is a great family beach
Kalihiwai Bay , water looked like glass this day but during the winter this is a popular surfing spot with big waves

Kalihiwai Bay , water looked like glass this day but during the winter this is a popular surfing spot with big waves

This has always been one of my favorite Hanalei Bay homes.

This has always been one of my favorite Hanalei Bay homes.

Fabluous views of Na Pali from Hanalei Bay

Fabluous views of Na Pali from Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay pier

Hanalei Bay pier

I want this great beach house. Problem is I dont have the millions of $ it would take to buy it.

I want this great beach house. Problem is I don't have the millions of $ it would take to buy it.

Shop in Hanalei

Shop in Hanalei

Heading back from the north shore we make this stop at a scenic overlook. Those are taro fields in the valley.

On the way to and from the north shore we pass the Sleeping Giant. “Legend states that this giant once roamed the land and was much loved by the Hawaiians.”
I took this photo from a moving vehicle so it’s not real good.
Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant

The end of a great day on the north shore. Goodbye North Shore until next year when I plan to return again for a summer vacation.

Sunday at the Milwaukie’s Farmers Market – May 24, 2009

The Milwaukie’s Farmer Market runs from mid May to the end of October.  It is located downtown Milwaukie in the municipal parking lots. Downtown Milwaukie is about 2 miles from where I live.

First I had breakfast at Sully’s which is  one of my favorite places for a weekend breakfast out.  (Dungeness crab leg, spinach, tomato omelet topped with Hollandaise – yum!)  Coincidentally Tara and Kelly walked into the restaurant as I was just finishing my breakfast. They had stopped by my house to see if I wanted to go to breakfast with them. I had thought about calling them to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast but I left my house before 8:30 which I knew was too early for them to be ready to get out and about for the day.

I asked TnK if they were going to the market since Tara told me a couple of weeks ago that she had never been there. Tnk did go and Tara told me Kelly wouldn’t let her buy the hanging basket she wanted because it was $80. They had some gorgeous flowers which I  got a few photos of.

After breakfast I wandered over to the Farmers Market  where you can find all kinds of great stuff to buy or just look at. The vendors are local and it is a really good way to support the Oregon and SW Washington economy.

It was crazy busy for 9:30 AM. But then it was a sunny holiday weekend. At one of the  produce booths there were 16 people in line to make purchases. I counted them and decided I wasn’t going to wait that long to buy a few potatoes and some zucchini. The line at one of the bakery booths was almost as long. I wanted to get some good organic bagels to to go with the cream cheeses I bought.

What I bought:

Two flavored cream cheeses – salmon and olive from Jacobs Creamery

Dungeness Crab – from Linda Brand Crab

Asparagus from the Canby Asparagus Farm. I have written about their restaurant Casa de Tamales before.

A handmade woven basket for my mother for her 80th birthday next month. I will fill the basket with some of her favorite things. Baskets by Nancy

A previous blog post with more photos of the vendors wares.

Off to Palm Springs

I am off to Palm Springs where it will be about 35 degrees warmer than it was in Portland today. I can’t wait for some warm sunshine while lying by the pool reading.

Palm Springs is such a great place to people watch. In fact it was in PS that I first saw a dog in diapers being pushed in a baby stroller. So you can only imagine the dog’s owner. As I recall she was dripping in jewelry and had obviously had a face lift. One visit to PS my daughter commented on the number of plastic surgeons advertising in the Palm Springs visitor’s book in our hotel room. Plastic surgery is a big reason why a lot of people visit PS. There are some really great restaurants right on Palm Canyon Road about a mile from where I will be staying. In the evenings after dinner it is always interesting to go into the art galleries and many shops of every sort. I haven’t been to PS in about 5 years so I am sure there will be some new places to check out.

My first of many trips to PS was back in 1996. My sister and I stayed at a friend of mine’s condo in Palm Desert over my birthday weekend 9/7. Val told me all I had to pay her was for the electric bill that month. My sister is a real cheapskate. Every time I turned the AC colder she would walk by and turn it up. We stayed at the condo for 4 days and I think that the electric bill turned out to be something like $20. By 11:00 AM it was too hot to even go to the pool. Most days it was over 110 degrees. Oh, yes sure it is a dry heat. WTF? It was still over 100 degrees. We spent a lot of time driving in the car with AC on. One afternoon we drove to Joshua Tree National Park and stayed to view a fabulous sunset. Three times I have taken the tram to Mount San Jacinto State Park. The first time was with my sister. The second time was the first time I took Tara to PS in January 1997 with me. The next month Tara suffered her first cardiac arrest and because she had been in a coma and had lost her short term memory she did not remember even going to PS. When I took Tara to PS 9 months later she had absolutely no memory of the previous trip. So when we took the tram up the mountain it was like her first time to experience the trip.
I think that I must have made at least 12 trips to PS between 1996 and my last visit in 2003. PS used to be a real cheap flight from Portland via Alaska Airlines. This trip I paid more than about $150 more for my airfare than ever before even flying into PS rather than Ontario. Oh well, the condo is a timeshare so basically it is free. The car rental using a corporate discount is very reasonable.