Sunday at the Milwaukie’s Farmers Market – May 24, 2009

The Milwaukie’s Farmer Market runs from mid May to the end of October.  It is located downtown Milwaukie in the municipal parking lots. Downtown Milwaukie is about 2 miles from where I live.

First I had breakfast at Sully’s which is  one of my favorite places for a weekend breakfast out.  (Dungeness crab leg, spinach, tomato omelet topped with Hollandaise – yum!)  Coincidentally Tara and Kelly walked into the restaurant as I was just finishing my breakfast. They had stopped by my house to see if I wanted to go to breakfast with them. I had thought about calling them to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast but I left my house before 8:30 which I knew was too early for them to be ready to get out and about for the day.

I asked TnK if they were going to the market since Tara told me a couple of weeks ago that she had never been there. Tnk did go and Tara told me Kelly wouldn’t let her buy the hanging basket she wanted because it was $80. They had some gorgeous flowers which I  got a few photos of.

After breakfast I wandered over to the Farmers Market  where you can find all kinds of great stuff to buy or just look at. The vendors are local and it is a really good way to support the Oregon and SW Washington economy.

It was crazy busy for 9:30 AM. But then it was a sunny holiday weekend. At one of the  produce booths there were 16 people in line to make purchases. I counted them and decided I wasn’t going to wait that long to buy a few potatoes and some zucchini. The line at one of the bakery booths was almost as long. I wanted to get some good organic bagels to to go with the cream cheeses I bought.

What I bought:

Two flavored cream cheeses – salmon and olive from Jacobs Creamery

Dungeness Crab – from Linda Brand Crab

Asparagus from the Canby Asparagus Farm. I have written about their restaurant Casa de Tamales before.

A handmade woven basket for my mother for her 80th birthday next month. I will fill the basket with some of her favorite things. Baskets by Nancy

A previous blog post with more photos of the vendors wares.

Off to Palm Springs

I am off to Palm Springs where it will be about 35 degrees warmer than it was in Portland today. I can’t wait for some warm sunshine while lying by the pool reading.

Palm Springs is such a great place to people watch. In fact it was in PS that I first saw a dog in diapers being pushed in a baby stroller. So you can only imagine the dog’s owner. As I recall she was dripping in jewelry and had obviously had a face lift. One visit to PS my daughter commented on the number of plastic surgeons advertising in the Palm Springs visitor’s book in our hotel room. Plastic surgery is a big reason why a lot of people visit PS. There are some really great restaurants right on Palm Canyon Road about a mile from where I will be staying. In the evenings after dinner it is always interesting to go into the art galleries and many shops of every sort. I haven’t been to PS in about 5 years so I am sure there will be some new places to check out.

My first of many trips to PS was back in 1996. My sister and I stayed at a friend of mine’s condo in Palm Desert over my birthday weekend 9/7. Val told me all I had to pay her was for the electric bill that month. My sister is a real cheapskate. Every time I turned the AC colder she would walk by and turn it up. We stayed at the condo for 4 days and I think that the electric bill turned out to be something like $20. By 11:00 AM it was too hot to even go to the pool. Most days it was over 110 degrees. Oh, yes sure it is a dry heat. WTF? It was still over 100 degrees. We spent a lot of time driving in the car with AC on. One afternoon we drove to Joshua Tree National Park and stayed to view a fabulous sunset. Three times I have taken the tram to Mount San Jacinto State Park. The first time was with my sister. The second time was the first time I took Tara to PS in January 1997 with me. The next month Tara suffered her first cardiac arrest and because she had been in a coma and had lost her short term memory she did not remember even going to PS. When I took Tara to PS 9 months later she had absolutely no memory of the previous trip. So when we took the tram up the mountain it was like her first time to experience the trip.
I think that I must have made at least 12 trips to PS between 1996 and my last visit in 2003. PS used to be a real cheap flight from Portland via Alaska Airlines. This trip I paid more than about $150 more for my airfare than ever before even flying into PS rather than Ontario. Oh well, the condo is a timeshare so basically it is free. The car rental using a corporate discount is very reasonable.

Shopping on Isla Mujeres

I have been traveling to Isla Mujeres since 1993. I have been to many other Mexican cities and probably have been in total to Mexico around 30 times. I am not a shopper but enjoy taking photos of what there is available to the average tourist. More than once I have been questioned by US Customs when they see that I say I purchased $0 while in Mexico.

They start at a very young age to sell to the tourist

These are the shops just below Suites Los Arcos

Even beach vendors need to take a break

Pedro’s wife at M&J’s Cazuelas makes this jewerly

At one point the little vendor had 20 turtles on my table. She counted them and kept pulling out more until she finally found the purple one I wanted

Charlie is one of my favorite beach vendors. He is one of the few vendors I buy from. He always compares my tan to his skin color. He knows that by the end of my visit I will be darker than him.

Can you ever get enough bobble heads? I have bought many for nieces, nephews and friend’s little one. I do admit I have a few turtles that I have in a beach and sand box in my office.

These are definitely tourist daytripper shopping spots.

Stocking up for the wedding reception and looking at flowers

Yesterday Tara came over to pick me up for our shopping trip to Costco. She did not call ahead like she said she would so I wasn’t quite ready. I told her I needed to take a health break. So she left to go to Starbucks for some drinks. When she came back to my house she said that Costco did have wheelchairs and my great nieces had one waiting for me.

We spent about an hour at Costco primarily buying beverages for the wedding reception. We selected a variety of wine, a few bottles of champagne, beer, water and some soft drinks. I felt like “Queen for the day” being pushed around in a wheelchair. My nieces age 8 and 11 made sure they got all of the free samples to eat that were being handed out. They even used the excuse of getting “one for my aunt in the wheelchair” so they could have two samples of some of the food items.

Tara contemplating the beer choices

Niece Maddie with Tara calling Kelly “Babe, what kind of beer do you want me to buy?”

Niece Zoe told her sister it was her turn to push wheelchair but Zoe only wanted to be free to pose for a photo

Next we were all going to go to a farmer’s market to decide which flower grower to order flowers from for the wedding and reception. Thankfully Tara told me I didn’t have to go if I didn’t feel like it. I really wanted to accompany Tara, my sister, niece and her girls but I knew walking around the market with crutches in the 90 degree heat would not be fun. So I told Tara to take my camera and take photos so I could put them in the album I am making for her of her wedding preparations. Tara said there were so many beautiful flowers that she decided to go back to the farmer’s market the morning of the wedding to get a variety of bouquets. She needs one for herself as well as small bouquets for the table centerpieces.