A sunshiny, shimmery, stingray, Sanibel Beach morning

After the horrible thunder and lightning storm yesterday afternoon & evening I woke to a beautiful, clear, crisp blue sky. I decided to get to the beach early today to see if I could find some good shells after yesterday’s storm.

The Sunshine Island Inn provides these little cart thingys, umbrellas, beach chairs and shelling nets. I walked over to the beach and it was pretty empty at 8:45 AM. I set up my stuff and began looking for shells. I can’t stoop over for too long before my back begins to ache.

If you enlarge this photo you can see the skyline of Ft. Myers off in the distance.

There were a lot of shells but once again today I found nothing out of the ordinary.

Got to keep the beach safe for the touri$t$. She so didn’t like me taking her photo.

After some shelling and reading I decided it was time to get into the water. I know from reading the shelling information in my room that you should shuffle your feet to prod out shells as well as frighten off stingrays beneath the sand. Also the book I am reading calls it the Sanibel stingray shuffle.

I got about waist deep in the water and there pop up right in front of me three stingrays each about 12 – 15 inches across. Next thing I know there are a couple of more just next to my right foot. OK, now I am freaked. I stood there for a while and splashed myself to cool off then I shuffled back out of the water.

I read for awhile then decided that the rest of my day would be spent back at the pool. So I packed up my stuff and walked “home”.

It is now just after 4:30 and today’s storm is rolling in. Hopefully it would be as long or as loud as yesterday’s.