What a glorious day Sunday was

Unusual sightings included:

  • Shorts and flip flops
  • people working in the their yards in tank tops
  • the grocery store packed with people buying steaks and other things to grill
  • the sunshine
  • cars being washed in driveways
  • tops down on convertibles
  • my sunroof open
  • windows in my house open to let in the fresh spring air

The high  temperature yesterday was 70 degrees with 75 degrees the forecast for today.

I walked down to the new neighborhood park to check it out. It is pretty small, just  a block deep and a house sized lot across. There is a small play structure, a picnic table, a couple of benches, bike racks and  trash cans.

The old house had been moved off of the lot many years ago and the work began to clean up the lot and get it ready to become the neighborhood park. Finally last year with bond measure money from Metro, our Neighborhood Grant funds and the City of Milwaukie Homewood Park has been completed and open to the neighborhood to enjoy.