I have been trying out the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Blog function

Maybe you all know this but I decided a few weeks ago to try the blog function with Word 2007. I really like it. I can write my blog posts, spell check, change font colors and insert photos all from my Word doc. You can insert photos anywhere you want not just at the top like on Blogger. When finished I can publish to my blog right from my document. I used to always write my blog posts in Word and then copy and paste to Blogger. I then would have to change font colors and add hyperlinks, etc. to complete my posts.

Oops! Update:

For some reason the photos I inserted do not show up in the published blog posts. I will have to figure out if there is something else I need to do. If I highlight the area where the photo should be it appears that something is there to delete but no photo displays. Do any of you know how to get photos from the Word doc to publish?