PDX, Oregon

I am a “Native” Oregonian having been born and raised in the state.

I live just south of the City of Portland and have for most of my life. Portland and the surrounding area is beautiful. There is a lot to do and see. PDX is home of many fine restaraunts of  many culinary  and ethinic styles.

Where I live – Oregon

Highlighting Portland ~ Some of the cities famous landmarks

Highlighting Portland – Unique local businesses

12 Interesting facts about Oregon

Don’t pronounce it Ory-GONE!

Two things missing in the State of Oregon

Highlighting Portland – The Fountains

Portland – aka The City of Roses and Bridge City

Explore Oregon with me, facts and photos

The State Flower –

About the Oregon Grape
The Oregon Grape was designated as the state flower by the legislature in 1899.

It is an elegant ornamental evergreen shrub somewhat resembling English holly. In the wild state it grows to two to three feet high. Under cultivation, it makes a showy plant six to eight feet high, with finely cut, polished leaves. In spring, the Oregon Grape bears small yellow flowers that are followed in the late summer and fall by dark, purplish-black berries. It is found growing mainly in the western areas of Oregon. The berries are edible.

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  1. Hi, found your blog from What do I do all day blog. It looks great and I to am starting to transition from Blogger to WordPress. Still only a week into wordpress but already love it! We also have in common that my family is from Portland, Oregon all of my children were in the David Douglas School District. Your photos of PDX are wonderful.

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